I work with business owners and senior managers who wish to overcome the problems that are limiting the success of their business.

I offer the following packages which have both received much positive feedback:

1. Programme Assessment

Our assessment is ideal for correcting an in-flight programme which has significantly deviated from its intended course.

Recommendations will be provided covering the immediate and suggested changes to make; in order to get the programme back on track and running well.

2. Executive Coaching

A personally tailored program that will investigate your current situation and explore different ways in which to overcome these.

Popular with individuals who wish to better understand their behaviour at work and be supported during important changes.

Frank Ray
Frank Ray

I'm a London based business consultant and executive coach who has 15 years experience in business planning and research, analysis and design, project delivery, coaching and mentoring. My specialty and personal interest is helping people overcome the roadblocks and obstacles that stand in the way of enjoying their work. I listen carefully and always provide a range of solutions which are both realistic and achievable.

Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of business owners and senior managers who all want broadly the same thing out of their working life; being able to sustainably grow their business or division whilst creating the right environment for high performing teams to support these efforts.

People generally contact me when their previous attempts have not been met with the success they expected, and yet there remains pressure to meet business targets and deliver change, on-time and on-budget. Generally speaking, you may be facing a similar story to most of my clients (which goes along like this):

  • You are a business owner or senior manager who has their own budget.
  • You are under pressure to reduce costs and improve operations.
  • You would like to take advantage of online and digital opportunities.
  • You are responsible for a number of people who will be affected.
  • You are faced with complex decisions that have competing priorities.
  • You are unsure which direction is the correct way to go.
  • Your future success is dependent upon timely project delivery.

If any of one or more of these resonate with you, then please consider contacting me for a free consultation. We will discuss your current situation and I will provide my professional advice regarding what to do. This will include some simple and easy-to-follow recommendations that you can get started on straight away.

Most clients find the consultation extremely useful even if they decide not to take it any further. Provided without obligation and valuable in its own right  Click here

How I Work

I have worked as a qualified therapist and trained in the use of counselling skills so that I can carefully listen and accurately understand the difficult issues you may be facing. I also make use of a series of carefully selected, professionally facilitated exercises and analysis techniques to give you a much better understanding of the roadblocks and obstacles you currently face. Everything we do will cover the personal, emotional and financial challenges faced with as a business owner or senior manager, ensuring all decisions are holistic and sustainable.

Free consultation including practical advice to get you started. Click here