Careful. Considered. Helpful.

Given that the rest of the website is about what I offer and how it works, you may now want to know more about who I am and why I choose to help small businesses. Deciding to work with a business coach is a very personal thing, so I wanted to share a little more about me and my background so that you can better decide if you'd like to work together.


I'm a professional engineer by education who has worked as a self-employed business analyst, management consultant and software developer for the last 12 years. I have been independently in business and running my own company for that whole period of time, having experienced both good and bad economic times whilst continuing to make a generous living.

I hold a first class honours degree from a top university (Curtin University of Western Australia), graduated in the top 1% of all students academically, received 2 years intensive post graduation training under the guidance of experienced engineers, and have solved many difficult real world business problems for a variety of people.

Further study which I have undertaken includes qualifications in Business Analysis, Counselling Skills, Workplace Training and Assessment.

I spent the whole of my 20's advising and helping some of the largest and most successful companies improve and innovate their operations. Previous clients include Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Bluebay Asset Management, Prudential, Honeywell and Unisys.

Why Small Businesses?

Three years ago I decided to further pursue my personal interest in complementary therapy by studying to be a Yoga Teacher in India and then a Craniosacral Therapist in London.

As I applied my Business Analysis skills to slowly grow my part-time therapy practice to full capacity, I watched as my fellow therapy students (who had no business training) struggled to make even a small income. It was then I decided to share with a select group of friends the actual tools and techniques I used to build my practice. It worked so well and was so enjoyable that I continued to offer my skills to other therapists and small business owners who asked.

Having started out by helping Yoga Teachers, Counsellors and Complementary Therapists make a full-time living from their work, I now enjoy working with a wide range of small businesses.

I asked my friends...

What attributes and strengths they thought best described my personality and approach to life. Although I know it's a heavily biased exercise, I feel they came up with a pretty accurate list. They said:

  • Dedicated.
  • Reliable.
  • Intuitive.
  • Big picture thinking.
  • Interested in relationships.
  • Future planner.
  • Hard working.
  • Loyal.
  • Perfectionist.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Risk averse.

Doesn't that sound like someone you'd like to have helping your business?

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