Adult Social Care discovery

Really happy to be involved in the Adult Social Care discovery being run by NHS Digital.

I had a wonderful trip today to Surrey County Council to learn more about adult social care, listened in to some calls in the call centre, and started to think about what could be digitally possible in this domain.

I used to sit at my desk in the bank, look around the floor and wonder where all the “old” programmers were. Wondering what would happen to me when I could no longer lift a finger to tap away at ASP.Net MVC anymore…

There is SO MUCH interesting and good work out there for retired coders. Just step away if you don’t like it anymore…

Post project update

A summary of the discovery work was openly published to the adult social care industry (read a cached version of the report here) and our project lead, James Higgott has written more about next steps on the NHS Digital transformation blog:

Frank Ray

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