“Coaching” – what it is really

Coaching, properly, is a very difficult skill to learn and then master. It’s basically about taking your ego out of the relationship with the person or people being coached. And doing your best to see things through their eyes, without imposing your own judgement on them (however subtle). Old or new, there are probably not very many people who actually do this well.

Something like a long, year or two, vocational course with oversight and analysis of the coaching interactions through a supervisory relationship is required. Along with some theory to help with the understanding about what’s going on in your coaching encounters. It’s hard to accept, but that’s the truth.

I mean, how many non/tamed-egoic people do you see in the workplace typically? A few certifications, agile coaching or otherwise, or a few years passed a few certifications just won’t do your paying clients justice.

Frank Ray

Did you know successful projects depend upon healthy relationships between the people involved? Trust, honesty and openness are required so that problems and issues can be frankly discussed and nipped in the bud. This is how we conduct business at Frank Ray & Associates, a software engineering consultancy I founded. You can also reach me directly at info@frankray.net

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