Reflective Coaching for Founders and Managers

“During my professional career, I saw many poor decisions being made by managers who were under immense stress and didn’t have a good level of support around them.

Latterly I decided to undertake training as a counsellor to better support individuals at these times, notably completing the following awards at WPF Therapy, London…”

I have finally got around to finishing off the visuals and layout of the brochure for my reflective coaching work I’ve been doing the last few years:

I also plan to do more of this work over the coming years as it can be so interesting and nourishing for both parties involved.

Frank Ray

Ask any project manager about the key to their success, and they will say that delivering a project is often more like a "dark art" or by chance, than a predictable science.

They may also say that a project going 'off the rails' was one of the most stressful things they have professionally experienced. And unfortunately, it’s all too common.

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