Many happy clients across a range of projects and industries

We've pretty much always worked in "hybrid" project roles, wearing many hats in order to join together different stakeholder needs. Sometimes you may hear people referring to this way of working as 'bridging the gap between business needs and IT solutions'. Clients appreciate having T-shaped individuals who have a broad understanding across domains and many subjects but also deep technical knowledge when and where it counts.

Credit Suisse

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Barclays Capital

State Street Bank and Trust

Investec (Private Bank and Treasury)

BlueBay Asset Management


Mondial Assistance (now Allianz)

National Health Service (NHS)

NHS Digital

Public Health England (PHE)

Lions Eye Institute

Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

Department for International Trade (DIT)

Department for Education (DFE)

Public Transport Authority (PTA)



Transform Management Consultants

Birchgrove Life

We really enjoy applying our business analysis and software development experience and knowledge in new industries and sectors; using these experiences to grow professionally and personally and to help clients achieve their project goals. We have worked in and across the following domains, sometimes for many years at a time:

  • Banking (Investment Banking, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Treasury)
  • Insurance, Asset Management, Engineering (Oil & Gas, Biomedical)
  • Government and Public Sector (Health, Justice, Education, Public Transport
  • Management Consulting, Creative Agency, Web Design

Leverage our broad industry experience and a strong track record for project delivery