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The free consultation consists of a 1 hour telephone call where we will discuss your current business situation and what you'd like to achieve.

I would be happy to offer my professional advice and some practical recommendations that you can get started on straight away.

Please provide me with the following information when requesting the consultation:

  • Your telephone number.
  • Several dates and times when you are available.
  • A brief description of your business and what you need help with.

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The consultation is only suitable for business owners of small to medium companies, and senior managers and executives in medium to large companies (ie. I do not work with startups, sole traders, small or family businesses). Please fully read this website and familiarise yourself with my expertise before contacting me.

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As creatives we are confident in our concept but the business side has been a huge learning curve. Having a consultation with Frank Ray has proved invaluable and he was able to take a step back and give us objective advice. His unique 360 degree approach has involved looking at all aspects of our business, home lives and support network to give a clear focus and direction on how to grow our business.

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Events Company (London)

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