A breadth of experience ready to use

We offer personally tailored solutions which are specific to your business needs and particular situation. First we listen carefully to accurately understand what you need done and the perspectives of different stakeholders. Then we design and build one or more solutions which will fully satisfy your needs. Rigourous quality assurance and testing ensures all solutions are fit for purpose and work as expected.


1. Business Analysis

We specialise in quickly making sense of complex situations, diagnosing critical issues and uncovering hidden constraints which are limiting success, and offering practical solutions aligned with key drivers.

  • Diagnosing critical issues
  • Uncovering hidden constraints
  • Identifying key risks and dependencies
  • Outlining gaps and missing capabilities
  • Performing operational assessments
  • Reviewing resource profiles
  • Designing future models
  • New product propositions
  • Overseeing system and process changes

2. Software Development

The design and development of custom software to implement technology based, business solutions. Includes support across the full SDLC including quality assurance, documentation, training and support. Software is designed and developed using contemporary technology and tooling, with the ability to integrate with legacy systems as required.

  • Microsoft .Net development using C#
  • Object-oriented programing using C++ (COM, MFC, ATL)
  • Web development - HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, jQuery, ASP.Net MVC Razor
  • Database development - SQL Server, SQL queries, SPROCs, indexes and execution plans
  • Quality Assurance, mocking / stubbing, refactoring, test-first approaches (TDD, BDD)
  • Design patterns (Fowler, GOF) and continuous integration (TeamCity, CruiseControl)
  • Legacy integration eg. COM, COM+, DCOM, Visual Basic, VBA, VBScript, (XML / XSL / XSD)
  • UML modelling, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Slack, Visual Studio, GitHub
  • GoDaddy hosting, Linux and Windows servers, Wordpress, Google Analytics

3. Project Management

We are experienced in managing and delivering a broad range of IT projects including vendor selection and procurement, COTS systems, software builds and the migration and decommissioning of legacy / end of life systems.

  • Business Case Preparation, Investment Case Preparation
  • Project Initiation, Pre-Project Scoping, Project Planning
  • Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Benefits Realisation
  • Procurement, Supply Management, Tendering (RFI / RFP)
  • 3rd Party Management, Supplier Management, Vendor Management
  • Risk Management, Issue Management, Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  • Quality Assurance, Progress Tracking, Status Reporting
  • Buy vs Build Decisions, Business Change, Digital Transformation
  • COTS Implementation, Data Migration, On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Popular with clients who don't have the necessary IT project management skills in-house and/or clients who need to focus limited resources on their own business development and not the difficulties of managing IT projects.

4. Project Review

Our independent project review service is ideal for correcting an in-flight project which has significantly deviated from its intended course.

Major aspects of the operational running of a project will be surfaced rapidly, along with bringing to light any hidden biases and "blind spots" that are limiting success.

Recommendations will be provided covering the immediate and suggested changes to make; in order to get the project back on track and running well.

Previous clients have used the project review to bring risks under control, re-orient work towards value creation, improve financial management and cost control, and improve staff morale.

Previous clients have used the project review to bring risks under control, re-orient work towards value creation, improve financial management and cost control, and improve staff morale.

Project Review Service Description

Where We Work

Our Business Analysis, Software Development, Project Management and Project Review services are offered in and around Woking and Guildford (Surrey UK), London and Greater London boroughs, across the United Kingdom and also internationally via remote working or other arrangements. Location is no barrier.

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