I work with small business owners who wish to overcome the problems that are limiting the success of their business.

I offer the following packages which have both received much positive feedback:

1. Free Consultation

I am happy to offer my professional advice and some practical recommendations that you can get started on straight away.

2. Full Business MOT

An intensive program where we will investigate your current business problems and explore different ways in which to overcome these.

Popular with small business owners who wish to develop a clear plan for improvement and rebalance their work / home life.

Frank Ray
Frank Ray

I'm a London based Business Analyst who has 12 years experience in business startup planning, small business advice, business coaching and mentoring for small business owners. My speciality and personal interest is helping people overcome the roadblocks and obstacles that stand in the way of earning a good living doing what they enjoy. I listen carefully and always provide a range of solutions which are both realistic and achievable.

Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of small business owners that have all typically come to running a small business with the same desire; being able to make a living doing what they enjoy, help those around them and reclaim freedom over their working life.

People contact me when something is holding them back from fully realising their dream, usually faced with the prospect of running out of steam and wondering if being in business isn't for them. Generally speaking, you may be facing a similar story to most of my clients (which goes along like this):

  • You are a small business owner passionate about what you offer.
  • You committed your own money to get the business up and going.
  • You are working hard and not yet experiencing the income you expected.
  • You are paying your staff and suppliers ahead of yourself.
  • You have started to hit natural limits to growth.
  • You may be feeling under pressure and somewhat isolated.

If any of these resonate with you, then please consider contacting me for a free consultation. We will discuss your current situation and I will provide my professional advice regarding what to do. This will include some simple and easy-to-follow recommendations that you can get started on straight away by yourself.

Most clients find the consultation extremely useful even if they decide not to take it any further. Provided without obligation and valuable in its own right.  Click here

Case Study

The following small business owner contacted me feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, having spent several years studying a specialist skill only to find they couldn't attract a regular client base and didn't fully appreciate how difficult it can be to get started in private practice.

To make matters worse and add insult to injury, substantial tuition fees had been paid to the therapy college which provided absolutely no business training and the UK economy was starting to enter a severe recession as the European debt crisis took hold.

Realising that drastic action was needed, we started off by establishing a set of realistic goals and their success criteria so that we were clear what to achieve. We then moved quickly onto reviewing all marketing efforts to date, examining what was particularly unique about their therapy skills and performing some surveys to gather feedback from potential clients.

The process was educational and personally tailored to the individual in order to re-position the business towards a profitable niche market offering in what were very difficult economic times. Here's what this client had to say about our time together:

Starting quote

I found Frank's work to be extremely helpful and non judgemental about the position I was in (i.e. hardly any clients since graduating). Frank enabled me to see the bigger picture of the market place and identify key problems with potential solutions. Frank's work made me understand how to match the therapy I am offering to people's needs. One of the nice aspects of Frank's work was that his offers of solution were tailored to my own circumstances in terms of how much time I have available (whilst I am still working full time) and within my comfort zone. I now have a better understanding of the business side of therapy and a list of practical action points that I can use to improve my business.

Ending quote

Craniosacral Therapist (CSTA Registered)

Free consultation including practical advice to get you started. Click here