As much personal attention necessary to achieve a great result.

I offer personally tailored help which is specific to your situation and personal needs. My approach to business is cautious and risk averse, always focusing on how to quickly try out new ideas with minimal cost, asking potential clients for feedback and making the necessary changes to ensure a successful outcome.

Package Price

1. Free Consultation

I am happy to offer my professional advice and some practical recommendations that you can get started on straight away.

Consists of a 1 hour telephone call to discuss your current situation and what you'd like to achieve.

I will then provide details of how I could further help you along with some possible options and prices.

Without obligation and valuable in its own right.

Normally charged at 60

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2. Full Business MOT

An intensive program that will investigate your current business problems and explore different ways in which to overcome these. We will also determine how best to rebalance your work / home life.

Requires you to provide specific information about your business, complete a carefully selected set of questions via email and then meet with me face-to-face to run through the business analysis exercises which I put together.

Usually takes 1 - 2 weeks to complete and may involve collecting feedback from current and previous clients. Specific attention will be paid to surviving this very difficult economic climate.

A comprehensive, written report is provided that gives you a clear direction and contains a list of specific and realistic actions to take in order to improve your business.
500 + VAT

Face-to-face meetings are in London

3. Follow-up Coaching

A personally tailored program where we will work together to ensure my Full Business MOT recommendations are fully achieved.

We will regularly track your progress, identify and overcome any obstacles, decide upon objectives and plan next steps.

Coaching sessions are 90 minutes in duration and held at a mutually agreed location in London.
90 + VAT

Face-to-face meetings are in London

How I Work

We will work together through a series of carefully selected, professionally facilitated exercises and analysis techniques to give you a much better understanding of the roadblocks and obstacles you currently face. Our work will then explore the many ways in which to overcome these and I will provide a comprehensive, written report containing a list of specific and realistic actions to take.

Uniquely, I have also worked as a qualified therapist and trained in the use of counselling skills so that I can carefully listen and accurately understand the difficult issues you may be facing. Everything we do will also include the personal, emotional and financial challenges faced when being small business owner, ensuring all decisions are sustainable and supportive towards a higher quality of life.

How much time and money have you already spent compared to paying for good quality business advice?

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