Extremely satisfied clients is the starting point of all my work.

I have included below some selected feedback from prior clients about our work together. Everything we did was professionally facilitated and directed towards helping them overcome the roadblocks and obstacles that stood in their way. Read for yourself the benefits of employing an experienced Business Analyst.

Starting quote

Frank has been a remarkable help and encouragement in the first couple of months of setting up my own business. Leaving full time employment to begin life as a yoga teacher has been quite daunting, and my sessions with Frank have made me feel much more confident. Working through various exercises together we have worked out what my priorities should be and have developed practical strategies and solutions. Frank has shown me how to tackle big projects and it has been very useful for me to be able to talk to someone impartial about my ideas, worries etc. He has been an ongoing support and is very friendly and professional. Working with Frank has not only been thoroughly enjoyable; he has also provided me with a clear idea of how to approach my business.

Ending quote

Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance Certified)

Starting quote

I like and respect Frank's calmness, positivity, and competence. When he facilitated me through structured awareness building exercises I enjoyed the feeling of collaborating with him. I was impressed by the way he would capture the learnings that came up in the session and feed them back to me in written form. In addition to the work we did together in the room he drew my attention to a number of articles that were relevant to website marketing and even showed me before and after examples from his own experience. As part of our work Frank encouraged me to ask friends for their perspectives on my website. I found this simple act quite challenging and it was fascinating how different people's perspectives are. I used this information to tweak my site and I have been happy with the increased number of enquiries. I would totally recommend Frank's consultancy to anyone.

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Psychotherapist (UKCP Registered)

Reasons To Work Together

A clear direction A wealth of experience
You will get a written plan containing a list of clear and specific actions to take in order to improve your business. I have spent the last 12 years helping businesses of all size improve their operations and bottom line profits.
Tailored to you Small time commitment
Each small business is different and presents unique challenges to overcome. I listen carefully to accurately understand how I can help you. In a small amount of time, we will cover high value ways to improve your business and overall life situation.
Pay for what you need Get going fast
Unlike other business coaches, my help is simply structured and easily explained so you can decide what you need. My help is well facilitated and structured so all you need to do is follow my instructions. Conducted in an encouraging and supportive way.
Follow-up support Still undecided
My personal interest is helping you make sustainable changes and realise the benefits of our work. I offer regular, follow-up support to make this happen. Not sure if my help is for you? No problem. Just take me up on the Free Consultation so you can decide for yourself.  Click here

I will share with you the actual tools and techniques I have used to remain successfully in business for the last 12 years.

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