Frank Ray

I founded Frank Ray & Associates in 2011 to create an engineering practice that solves complex business problems that span multiple people, processes and domains.

Also because my breadth of skills and knowledge didn’t lend itself to standard salaried employment anymore.

I’ve always felt a bit different. Not enough to feel like I didn’t fit in, but enough to understand that other people saw the world a little differently to me. This all became clear in my mid-40’s when I discovered I am autistic.

An upside is being able to see whole systems whilst also considering the small details where things often come unstuck. It’s how I’ve managed to consistently deliver excellent results.

I really love being self-employed, and an engineer. And my professional goal is to solve more complex and challenging problems.

Work preferences

Business analysis, solution design, software development, management consulting, technical procurement, project reviews

Core values
Honesty. Transparency. Trust. Independence. Control.

My strengths
Big picture thinking. Detail oriented. Technically competent. Problem solver. Extremely well organised. Clear communicator. Delivery focused. Value oriented.

My weaknesses
[sometimes] Finding it hard to say ‘no’. Taking on too much. Getting lost in the detail. Not knowing when to stop. Worrying about other people’s responsibilities. Not asking for help sooner. Becoming overwhelmed. [/sometimes]

Things I avoid
Unclear roles and responsibilities. Context switching. Micromanagement. Rigid frameworks. Blame culture.

(direct personal feedback to the contrary is welcomed, in the interest of continuous improvement…)

Favourite quote


The concept of a personal “user manual” or “user guide” is relatively new but increasingly becoming more and more widespread, particularly amongst the tech and DEI communities.

Basically, it’s a document outlining some important things to know about someone when working together (inspired by the practice of distributing a physical user guide or readme file alongside a software product).

I’ve taken inspiration from the following individuals when choosing what to share on this page: Sascha Brossmann, Tom Willmot, Claire Hughes Johnson

Frank Ray

Frank Ray & Associates is a software engineering consultancy that builds high quality software for businesses.

We develop new applications, automate manual processes, integrate vendor packages, replace Excel workarounds, fix unreliable applications, retire end-of-life software and remove dependence on poor value suppliers.

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