Application Support

There is a massive install base of ‘no longer cutting edge’ systems and applications out there, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger. 

The rate of technology change is so great that anything older than a few years is seen as out of date, end of life or just plain legacy. 

And yet these systems are often business critical, have been painstakingly developed over many years, contain core business processes and domain logic and are regularly used by hundreds or thousands of people.

If you have existing systems and applications you wish to keep in good order and retain your previous investment, we’d love to help with that. 

Frank Ray & Associates are experts in providing excellent on-going support and maintenance of business critical applications, particularly those built in the following technologies:

  • Microsoft C# .Net Framework
  • Microsoft C# ASP.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Macros

We have even developed several tools and techniques for ensuring scheduled changes are fully regression tested ahead of production release to avoid unplanned outages.

Frank Ray

Frank Ray & Associates is a software engineering consultancy that builds high quality software for businesses.

We develop new applications, automate manual processes, integrate vendor packages, replace Excel workarounds, fix unreliable applications, retire end-of-life software and remove dependence on poor value suppliers.

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