Software Development

The design and build of high quality software for businesses.

Support across the full software development life-cycle (SDLC) including functional and non-functional requirements, development best practices, quality assurance (QA), documentation, training and support.

Software is developed using Microsoft .Net technology stack with the ability to integrate with external/3rd party/legacy systems as required.

  • C# Microsoft .Net (all versions including 4.8 framework and .Net Core)
  • Windows desktop applications developed in WPF and XAML
  • Web development – HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, jQuery, ASP.Net MVC
  • Web API development, particularly .Net 6 minimal web API with ASP.Net Core
  • Database development – Microsoft SQL Server, SQL queries, SPROCs, indexes and execution plans
  • Quality Assurance, unit testing, refactoring, test-first approaches (eg. TDD, BDD)
  • Continuous integration (TeamCity, CruiseControl, Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions)
  • Use of best practices and design patterns (Fowler, GOF)
  • Experience with object-oriented programing using C++ (COM, MFC, ATL)
  • Legacy integrations eg. COM, COM+, DCOM
  • UML modelling, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose
  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Slack, Visual Studio, GitHub
  • Azure, Digital Ocean, Linux server administration, WordPress, Google Analytics

Frank Ray

Frank Ray & Associates is a software engineering consultancy that builds high quality software for businesses.

We develop new applications, automate manual processes, integrate vendor packages, replace Excel workarounds, fix unreliable applications, retire end-of-life software and remove dependence on poor value suppliers.

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