Who we help

Our clients strive for the same thing; growing their business through the use of digital technology.

And yet people often contact us when their efforts have not been met with the success they expected, but the pressure to deliver on-time and on-budget remains.

You may be in a similar situation to our clients, something like:

  • You are a business owner, founder, executive or senior manager
  • You are under pressure to reduce costs and improve operations
  • You rely upon business critical technology and applications
  • You would like to make better use of cloud-based digital platforms
  • You are responsible for a number of people who are key to the business
  • You are faced with technology decisions which will have an impact
  • Your future success is dependent upon timely project delivery
  • You may not be seeing the success that you need or expected

We can help if one or more of these resonate with you.

Frank Ray

Frank Ray & Associates is a software engineering consultancy that builds high quality software for businesses.

We develop new applications, automate manual processes, integrate vendor packages, replace Excel workarounds, fix unreliable applications, retire end-of-life software and remove dependence on poor value suppliers.

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