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I’m Frank, a former C# .Net software developer and owner of Frank Ray Consulting, a consultancy that specialises in software requirements for agile development teams.

Remote, outsourced and offshore development is difficult to do well, and my time in software development teams, firstly as a hands-on developer and then as a business analyst, clearly showed me this.

I’ve shared my own personal experiences in many articles, the following ones being the most popular. I discovered that I am autistic in my mid-40โ€™s and learnt that itโ€™s not uncommon for engineers, which is why I write about it from time to time.

Large enterprises organisations are unable to achieve much of what conventional agile coaching espouses.

Agile development teams working in less-than-fully agile settings behave in some rather unhelpful ways.

Software requirements is a powerful enabler for teams struggling to thrive under an agile framework or approach.

Developers want to work in a way that maximises their effectiveness; avoiding blockers and frequent, unwanted interruptions/context-switching.

Tailoring the agile framework to accomodate organisational limitations is a pragmatic and highly effective approach.

More extensive writing on software requirements, business analysis, product management, agile development, organisational change can be found here.

Frank Ray Consulting. Software requirements for agile development teams, particularly remote, outsourced and offshore development teams working in financial services.

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