We specialise in software requirements for agile development teams; particularly remote, outsourced and offshore development teams working in financial services.

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Who do you work with?

Engineering managers, CTO’s at small VC backed firms, consultancy account managers; basically anyone with a small to medium size software development team, who are building bespoke software or integrating systems, often outsourced and offshored, that is underperforming significantly as a team, and who need outside help to improve matters, quickly.

Why should we hire you?

Hire us when the success of your business depends on high-quality software products. Hire us when you’ve tried everything to fix an underperforming development team, but poor-quality workmanship and high levels of rework remain. Hire us when you can no longer tolerate broken features, slow delivery, and increasing technical debt. Hire us when the cost to your bottom line of doing nothing makes our rates look small.

Unlike other business analysts, we produce well-defined and implementation-ready software requirements, given our extensive background as hands-on software developers. You won’t find software requirements like this anywhere else. Your team will start building the right things next week, the week after that, and the week after that. We pride ourselves on short, sharp, practical interventions that are highly effective and will last long after we have concluded our work.

It’s mostly Frank doing the work, however, the ‘we’ are a few associates and partners I sometimes subcontract to, or work alongside.

How much do you charge?

Fair and transparent pricing is important to us, which is why we publish a rate card. It’s £1500 per day for contracts less than 3 months. Otherwise, it’s £700 per day for longer-term engagements. These prices are exclusive of UK VAT.

We usually sell our work in blocks of 20 days, generally the minimum period to turn around requirements problems in software development teams. Other arrangements as discussed.

Frank Ray Consulting. Software requirements for agile development teams, particularly remote, outsourced and offshore development teams working in financial services.

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