Professional musings on the craft of delivering software that works as expected, the first time, and without unexpected surprises (we have to set a high bar, right?)

Software Requirements

Software requirements
User stories are software requirements
User stories are not specifications
When business analysis really would help
Tyranny of poor software requirements
Clear and unambiguous software requirements
Well refined, not fully defined, user stories
Being a hands-on business analyst
Stop doing business requirements
Tell me what you want
From the view of the user

Product Management

Shipping product and creating value
Product management is hard
Maintaining a healthy backlog
Scaling the product owner
Manage your product, not your people
Traits of a good product manager
The product owner who didn’t deliver
Becoming less agile to be agile
Moving beyond sprint planning

Software Development

Difficulties of outsourced development
Waterfall and agile, the best of friends
Fixed price agile projects
Developers decide the implementation
Developers don’t start with a blank sheet of paper
Developers don’t want constant conversations
My ticket is blocked says the developer
One of the best agile experiences

Organisational Change

Some organisations don’t want agile
The manager too busy for agile
Imagine being an offshore developer
Gnarly behaviours of scrum teams
Patterns of enterprise agile dysfunction
Making agile work for you
Adrian Lander on being agile for 27 years
Scrum helpline, help is at hand


The fear of saying no
Being able to withstand criticism
I don’t like being spoken to like that
Not staying in touch

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