The manager too busy for agile

(what follows is an actual account from the manager themself)

Iโ€™m a global head of a business line at a Fortune 500 company with 100 staff within my division.

Executive management have aggressively pursued a cost reduction programme over the last five years that has touched every corner of the company.

Weโ€™ve lost essential industry knowledge through staff attrition, we are all overworked, and zero fat is left anywhere.

I need to segment some of the sales reports to help me make better decisions, but my local supplier is no longer permitted to work on core systems, so I will need to speak to central IT.

Manager: I need to change some reports in the sales system. I emailed you the new report layout and business logic last week.

IT: We can initiate a new project for you once you allocate spend. We follow this new process where you will come to daily calls to answer questions and a few other weekly meetings where you tell us what to do.

Manager: The previous supplier has always worked off my emails and would have turned this around in 2 weeks with little oversight. I would review and tweak the report layouts occasionally, particularly towards the end.

IT: Iโ€™m sorry sir, but we no longer work from requirement specifications and our engineers need daily conversations with customer like yourself to speak their doubts and request clarification.

Manager: I have 100 staff in three different regions, and more important things to do than attend IT meetings during my 12-hour work day.

If you are unhappy with your development team, they may need more detailed guidance.

Better software requirements can help with this.

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