Improving remote development teams

Underperformance of remote development teams is an uncomfortable topic for the software industry to talk about, particularly if you are in the business of buying or supplying low-cost, offshore developers.

It’s also really stressful being a client on the receiving end of incomplete and broken features, delivered slower than expected, in a manner that increases tech debt and degrades the codebase.

Drastically improving the performance of remote teams is not as difficult or costly as you may think, and below is a summary of how our work goes about doing exactly that.

Large enterprise organisations, particularly those not developing technology-first propositions, are simply unable to achieve much of what conventional agile coaching espouses.

Agile software development teams working in less-than-fully agile settings behave in some rather ‘fruity’ and unhelpful ways.

Business analysis is a powerful enabler for software development teams struggling to thrive under an agile doctrine or framework.

Developers want to work in a way that maximises their effectiveness; avoiding blockers and frequent, unwanted interruptions/context-switching.

Tailoring the agile framework to accomodate organisational limitations is a pragmatic and highly effective approach.

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