How we work

Frank Ray & Associates provides business analysis and software development services.

We operate as independent, technical experts with 20 years of experience and all work is performed in our own office with client visits when required.

We value open and honest relationships based on mutual trust and we ensure regular communication and collaboration occurs as work progresses.

Outcomes based contracts

We work to clear deliverables and use our own best judgment in completing them.

We perform some upfront requirement gathering to then agree on the contracted outcomes required.

Work is performed on a time and materials basis only, with lower-level deliverables being defined during the project to accommodate an agile-based approach.

Having well-defined, mutually agreed statements of work has worked well for many years now.

Our toolbox

We select and apply the most appropriate tools, techniques and processes for the job at hand, including:

Needs analysis, problem diagnosis, requirements management, proposition development, user experience testing, operational assessments, process mapping, systems modelling, technical architecture, software development, quality assurance, documentation, training, delivery planning, stakeholder management, business case development, vendor selection, procurement (RFI / RFP)

Remote working

We perform all our work remotely with in-person client meetings as agreed. Video calls and instant messenger is used for frequent, daily communication. Remote working is absolutely critical to consistently ensuring a working environment that fosters the very best in engineering practices and outcomes for our clients.


Contracts describing role-based duties under client control (‘Inside IR35’) will not be entered into.

Nor does Frank Ray & Associates perform any delivery management for client teams (eg. scrum master, agile coach, product owner, project manager, team leader, Jira management).

Your Acceptance

The way in which we work is materially important to Frank Ray & Associates performing excellent work and your acceptance of it is non-negotiable and a condition of working together.

These terms, once accepted, become included in our commercial relationship by reference and being asked to work in a different manner is grounds for stopping the supply of services and/or contract termination.

Thank you in advance for working in the spirit of, and to the letter of this agreement. You are supporting a more diverse and inclusive labour market by doing so.


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Frank Ray

Frank Ray & Associates is a software engineering consultancy that builds high quality software for businesses.

We develop new applications, automate manual processes, integrate vendor packages, replace Excel workarounds, fix unreliable applications, retire end-of-life software and remove dependence on poor value suppliers.

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