Frank is one of the best and most engaged project managers I’ve come across and a joy to work with. He diligently questions everything, with quite creative thinking during the scoping exercise and then manages to keep highly complex projects with numerous stakeholders on track, prioritising and adjusting, managing inputs and expectations for both suppliers and clients as necessary to ensure a successful delivery.

Frank is an exceptionally organised and critical thinker with a firm ability to understand complex business requirements at speed and then translate them into simple achievable tasks.

His project management methodologies around the agile framework together with his deep problem solving skills contributed significantly to meeting critical deadlines in a number of high stake projects.

More importantly for me, he’s a genuine chap who cares about his team, his colleagues and his project objectives.

I worked with Frank on a banking project which involved collecting financial controls data across the UK and US operations of the bank. Frank quickly assimilated the conceptual framework and the tools in short order and worked as a business analyst to train the subject matter experts and facilitate the data collection process. I have been most impressed with Frank’s intellect, ability to conceptualize complex subject matters, resourcefulness, and initiative to meet the business objectives. I highly recommend Frank and would hire him again without hesitation.

Frank and I worked together on a project of high complexity involving a wide range of stakeholders across business units with different needs. Throughout the project Frank has shown his versatility by performing multiple different roles – product owner, business analyst and quality manager.

However, the thing that impressed me most was Frank’s openness and innovative thinking. He likes to challenge the team and senior sponsors constructively and is always up for a honest debate.

At the same time he always found different ways to tackle problems (whether it was stakeholder management or actual delivery of work).

Frank Ray

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