The best projects are referred

Projects I’ve landed through referrals and my 1st level LinkedIn network almost always turn out well. Same for those projects I’ve won when bidding directly.

I will waste no time comparing this to the lunacy of making hiring decisions through panel interviews conducted over Zoom, 90-minute role-play exercises and coding challenges. Particularly when candidates are experienced and top of their profession.

I suspect, although can’t be 100% sure, that it’s some pre-exposure to, or familiarity with, my writing and points of view that deters poorly matched clients from even making contact. Philip Morgan, author of “The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants” espouses this as a benefit of investing in brand marketing.

Strongly related to this is having similar values, which is massively important in going on to build strong working relationships. Much of my writing tries to surface what I value, and why, giving readers an experience of what it might be like to collaborate.

It really is time to consider how recruitment and talent management processes make candidates feel. Do they promote your brand and create committed advocates? Or do they turn candidates away and contribute to the current “talent shortage” I keep reading about.

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