PatienceOS isn’t living up to its name

PatienceOS isn’t living up to its name. Instead, too many late nights have been spent trawling through linker scripts, using objdump to examine ELF files, learning about base image addresses, and trying to understand whether position-independent loading has superseded it.

The bare metal C# kernel does boot, and that’s cool, but the sheen has worn off. It’s been a heavy learning curve, given my pure C# dev background. Also, I’ve started to cross paths with individuals who have spent 5/10 years toiling away with their kernel. Unfortunately, I’m starting to understand why.

PatienceOS is helping me see that I need help working in a balanced way, something other than ‘obsessively focused, day and night’ or ‘completely not interested’. The magnitude of constant context switching I seem to do without realising is of slight concern, although the autism diagnosis does explain these behaviours.

Perhaps PatienceOS is living up to its name, in that it’s forcing personal insight and learning. But it’s not real fun. What’s galling, though, is I still can’t emit a linebreak when directly writing to video memory on a QEMU terminal that has something other than 80×25 sizing. But I’ve decided to take tonight off and go for a swim instead.

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