Own your words

In 2012, Scott Hanselman (you know who that is, right?) wrote a post encouraging every developer to have a blog, and furthermore, to own their own blog so their words remained free and out of the grips of ‘increasingly closed and walled gardens’.

I heeded his advice and spent hundreds of hours writing my own blog. Which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. However, 10 years later and for various reasons, I closed down the blog and selected the very best handful of articles to keep as a bit of a showcase. I created a Medium account and uploaded them there, thinking nothing much of it.

What happened next I simply could not believe.

In the first week, one single article got more views than my entire blog had received in the previous 10 years. Let that sink in a bit.

And so, my question to Scott Hanselman is, given the massive changes to content production/distribution and search engine ranking algorithms (which seem to me to penalise the self-hosted blogger) since 2012, would you still offer the same advice today?

And if not, what would you now suggest?

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