The analyst/developer role

I think it’s very hard to truly understand what a software developer does, if you haven’t been a developer yourself.

I also think it’s why so many developers are seen as just a factory for code production.

There is no shortage of stories on Medium or Substack about programmers who left exorbitantly paying jobs for something more fulfilling. And many Reddit questions from newly minted software developers who are full of regret, asking “is this really it?”

There used to be something called the ‘analyst/developer’.

Basically, it was a programmer who would also work out the requirements and usually also perform the testing.

This was normal practice and pre-dated bootcamps that churned out specialist coders.

Unfortuantely the ‘analyst/developer’ role seems pretty much dead these days.

And it’s a shame because good software developers see whole systems and work across the entire software lifecycle.

They are also expert in many things beyond just ‘coding’.

Why not take the time to consider whether your software developers might enjoy being an ‘analyst/developer’ once again, even just for a little while?

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