How long until we go?

Daughter: How long until we go?

Me: A couple of minutes

(2 minute pass)

Daughter: You said we would have already left. Iโ€™m going to be late!

โ€”- Next day โ€”-

Daughter: How long until we go?

Me: 120 seconds plus 100% contingency, conditional on your sister being ready, assuming I donโ€™t get interrupted, starting from now

โ €
The former is what happens when a ‘placeholder for a conversation’ is given to a junior or inexperienced developer, not well versed in agile development.

The latter is how I write requirements for teams requiring a bit more practical help and guidance, particularly remote, distributed and offshore teams a few hops removed from the customer.

Frank Ray Consulting. Software requirements for agile development teams, particularly remote, outsourced and offshore development teams working in financial services.

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