Co-located agile vs offshored agile

There seems to be an absolutely massive divide between the idea of small co-located agile development teams who speak to the PO daily -vs- outsourcing and offshoring to teams of junior or inexperienced developers in low-cost countries.

“Don’t do it” seems to be the only response from the agile industry.

Yet every mid-large UK financial services firm I’ve worked in has decided to embrace outsourced and offshore development. And these are firms that have employed agile coaches and gone through their own ‘agile transformations’.

So how come my LinkedIn feed is entirely absent of useful content about working with development teams on the other side of the planet? Is it not interesting enough to write about? Problems without easy answers? Or perhaps it’s the shadow side of agile development that no one wants to acknowledge.

I’ve written a lot about this lately, particularly the need for solid ‘software requirements’ (taboo) / well refined user stories (more acceptable), but I really don’t understand why it feels like such a lonely topic.

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