Happy developers and testers

Are your developers and testers happy? What, youโ€™ve never asked them before! Seriously, why not?

I donโ€™t mean a once-a-year tickbox performance review in which corporate objectives shrouded in jargon are handed down in silent ceremony.

I mean having the courage to ask your direct reports (or team members if you are some kind of agile coach/scrum master), โ€˜Are you happy working here?โ€™

Then listen intently to what they say, whilst trying not to think of rebuttals to make.

This is very different to a pre-canned retro conducted on Miro with some cute ice breakers. It’s more scary too, because the answers may/will be uncomfortable to hear and often difficult to address.

Nevertheless, isnโ€™t this why managers get paid the big bucks?

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